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Are there more expenses after I join?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Here are all the charges associated with the course:

(1) $4.95 7-day trial fee (to decide whether this is for you).

(2) $77.00 one-time full course fee.

(3) $10.00 per month hosting for unlimited number of domains. You'll need a web hosting program to actually put your website(s) on the Internet. We strongly recommend Hostgator.

(4) $10.00 per domain per year. You will need to register each website on the internet using a domain registrar. This will cost you $10.00 per year for each website you want to have.

These are the only costs necessary for your success. There are no hidden fees or anything else you must pay.

There are some other optional software tools and services that Michael recommends inside the course to help you save time for some processes that can be automated using these tools but they are completely optional.

It is suggested that you first learn to do things manually using free methods provided and only then possibly consider paid software tools and services.

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