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Why does NBK have a Rating of "F" with the BBB?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Our company, Michael S Brown LLC., is listed in BBB but it has rating "F". Why is this?

Every business that doesn't pay a certain fee to BBB automatically gets rating "F". Michael decided, as many other businesses have, he will not pay BBB to get a better grade from them.

Here's Michael's quote from one of the forums:

<<< Niche Blitzkrieg is not listed with the BBB because I don't agree with making a business have to pay a fee to receive an "A" grade.

Sounds a bit backwards.

I chose not to list with the BBB and what they do is give anyone not listed with them an "F" with a little disclaimer that says ... "This businesses recieves an F grade because we've contacted them and they have not responded."

If you go to the BBB page you'll see where they have included that verbage. We responded to them but decided not to pay a fee to get a grade.

Seems somewhat wrong, don't you think?

Other than that look around on the Internet and you'll see all the positive feedback we've got coming in. >>>

The fact is - there is no BBB to rate the BBB itself.

Read this 2010 ABC News article:

We don't want to take part and pay money to a company that does that.

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